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Our story begins with art, freedom, sustainability and love.


For the art of making handmade furniture one by one.

Each wood, each plank, each grain tells a different story. Working with wood with care and affection makes the results incredible.

For creating freedom.

Because life in a van is a lifestyle of the free, the adventurous, those who are passionate about life, the intrepid.

For making this world better.

Because our campervans are manufactured in an ecological way. In our workshop we provide ourselves with completely clean and sustainable energy, thus minimizing our carbon footprint. We manufacture our furniture with wood from sustainable forests and we try to make the most of all the materials so that waste is minimal.

Because we are a couple.

A carpenter and a mechanic who started this experience out of love and enthusiasm.

We are Beatriz and Jaume, and we work every day to make dreams come true for those who want to share them with us.

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